About Us

About us

For over two decades, The Gambia endured brutal dictatorship under former president Yahya Jammeh. During this period, basic freedoms and liberties were violated, the media muzzled and research was discouraged. The civil service to a great extent operated within a system of executive directives rather than through policy.  The existence of unfavorable laws and an environment of repressive governance from 1994 to 2016, made it difficult to collect, document and analyze data.  This situation constrained policy and decision makers from instituting citizen consultations in policy development processes. With the emergence of a new democratic dispensation with high expectations for good governance, accountability and transparency from the citizenry, there is increased need for evidenced based research and participatory policy development. 

The Center for Research and Policy Development-The Gambia is an independent, non- profit, and non-partisan social research, advocacy, learning and capacity building organization committed to promoting inclusive democratic governance in The Gambia. CRP is committed to work with grassroots, national and international actors to address the Gambia’s development challenges by generating and communicating research-based knowledge to help inform policies and interventions. The Center also aims to trigger local dialogues to contextualize universally relevant ideals of inclusive democratic governance, promote efficiency, transparency and accountability for a secure and an economically prosperous Gambia


Our vision is to support the transformation of Gambia into a democratically governed community


To maintain a one stop center for data on legislative processes, citizen voices and policy development


Independence, Partnership, Integrity, Tolerance, Dialogue, Excellence

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