Gambia Watch

This project seeks to bring legislative issues to the doorstep of the citizens. Simply put, it seeks to bring the National Assembly closer to the citizens. Equally, the initiative has a second component that is aimed at combating corruption in The Gambia.

Gambia Decides

This initiative works to promote the integrity of the Gambia’s electoral process. The goal is to promote free and fair elections in The Gambia.

Countering Narratives

The overall goal of these initiatives is to help document and re-write The Gambia’s history in accordance with the realities of its people, environment and relations. The initiatives work with a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and academics interested in Gambian studies. The initiative seeks to produce bi-annual insights into topical issues on The Gambia and its contribution to the world. Topics dealing with people, culture, religion, colonialism, social relations, politics, economy and personalities will be explored. We believe that an accurate record of The Gambia’s history will not only help in building civic awareness, but also promote the values, customs and traditions that strengthen social cohesion.